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Car Storage Services

For our customers from USA jp autocars offers both basic free storage and premium auto storage services for the cars that haven't reached yet 25-years age.

Basic storage services

Our customers from USA can purchase a vehicle from Japan autocars that hasn't reached its 25 years to be legally imported into USA and store it for free for 1 (one) year. When buying 25-year old car beforehand you can get a cheaper price and wider range of selection: grades, mileage, condition. Basic storage services inlcudes turning on egnition each 3 months to run for 30 minutes, switching clutch. Before shipping your car to USA we make a free pre-shipment inspection for the customers who bought a car from our company. If you already have a car you want to store it at Jp autocars yard the fee of $100 per month. Also we can perform a pre-shipment inspection at additional $100 with full report and make needed repairs, parts changes if needed. All parts for replacements and repairs are up to discussion. After storage you can use Japan autocars as your car export agent and we will handle all export paper work and shipping of your car to USA.

Premium storage services

Premium storage is 30,000 yen per month. It includes humidity controlled, enclosed storage area with no direct sunlight, starting engine and engaging transmission once a week, spraying tires with special protective spray, on-site human security, once car is in the storage area the loading ramp is removed and it is physically impossible to steal the car.

Car delivery

In order for jp autocars to store your car, the car must be delivered to Nagoya at your cost. Japan Partner can arrange delivery from any major port in Japan.


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